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[CSSA捐赠人] Sam Wong 房产/租房中介

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Sam is a licensed real estate broker with a diversity of experience in the business field.  Her unique background in accounting and finance helps her customers realize the best value for money in real estate transactions.  Sam represents buyers and sellers in the Austin area, both residential and investment.  Majority of her business generated from referrals and repeat clients--an indication of the quality of service she provides.

  Attributing her success to a high degree of professionalism and the honest, friendly, and straightforward manner in which she does business, Sam feels that one of her most important services is to help educate her clients so that they may make informed decisions.  Understanding that the home buying process can be stressful, she helps her customers ride the roller coaster of emotions that can occur.  Perhaps her best quality is in anticipating the challenges ahead and guiding the process to a successful conclusion and a satisfactory experience for the customer.

  Sam is a longtime Austinite.  She went to school in UT Austin and worked in Austin.  Sam lives in north Austin and is actively involved in the Austin community.  She is dedicated to helping her clients and customers realize their goals in real estate.
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感谢Sam Wong的帮助!送锦旗一副
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本帖最后由 ohmyrichard 于 2011-8-20 03:46 编辑

请问楼上两位,这家房介公司可靠吗?怎么跟他们联系和申请委托找房?我的qq:1005415020;gmail: [url=mailtohmydearohmygod@gmail.com]ohmydearohmygod@gmail.com[/url].
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very kind, and helpful.  The one can be trusted.
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sam wong 是好人呐,嘿嘿,也很热心的帮助大家呢~有问题找sam没有错
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sam wang 很好的,值得信赖,赞一个
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